Friday, May 18, 2018

Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz hands over donation to students

Yesterday, the Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz donated 500 euros to the students of the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management. NIT alumnus Dhruvil Shah and NIT student Mirco Fabian Woidelko were delighted to accept the donation. "The students want to use the money for the upcoming class trip. They are going to Ratzeburg! We are very grateful to the Leos for making this possible," said Dhruvil. Kristina Wacker, president elect of the Leo-Club Calluna Buchholz and Dr. Andreas B. Kummer, president of the partner club Lions Club Hamburg-Rosengarten and the members Prof. Klaus-Werner Damm and Axel Milde were present at the handover. "It is very important for us to support foreign students and to familiarize them with our country, our language and our culture. Thereby they can become ambassadors in their home countries and report on their positive experiences in Germany," says Kristina Wacker.

The support of young adults and the integration of international students has been an important issue for the Leo Club. There is also a very special relationship to the NIT and its students. It all began with the hospitality of Prof. Damm, who acted as Dhruvil’s host during his studies at the NIT. In the meantime, Dhruvil has successfully completed his Master's degree and is himself a member of the Leos. He supports the exchange between his fellow students and the locals. For example, NIT students support the Leo‘s Advent bazaar at the Kiekeberg and sell Christmas cookies and hot drinks for a good cause. With their donation the Leos would like to thank the NIT students for their support and help them to pay for their class trip, which wouldn’t be financially feasible otherwise.

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