Monday, April 16, 2018

NIT and Miami Ad School Plan Cooperation

The NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management and the Miami Ad School Europe, The International Institute of Creative Innovations, have sealed their official cooperation in a "Memorandum of Understanding". The plans include to open individual courses, as well as to develop common courses. The aim is to promote exchange and mutual learning between students from different disciplines, such as engineering, management and creative technology.


International Creative Minds meet International Engineers

The NIT combines technological and entrepreneurial know-how. In its "Technology Management" (MA/MBA) and further education courses, the NIT focuses on project-based learning and teaches, among other things, innovation methods such as Design Thinking. Miami Ad School Europe is a hot spot for creativity and innovation, with the most awards in the creative and innovation industry worldwide. Art directors, communication designers, copywriters, digital designers and creative technologists are trained in an international network. NIT Managing Director Verena Fritzsche wants to use synergies and hopes for an inspiring exchange: "We are united by an understanding for a new way of learning: autonomous, practice-oriented, international and flexible. At the same time, our students can learn a lot from each other. Together we can create great innovations."

"Industry is looking for innovative minds. Young, passionate people who are familiar with the latest technology and hungry to look to the future - because technologies are evolving every day. At the same time, they should be able to use their technical skills creatively and imaginatively on the job," explains Ina Behrendt, Managing Director Digital at Miami Ad School Europe. "As the 'International Institute of Creative Innovations', we are training exactly these employees of the future with our new program," explains Niklas Frings-Rupp, who founded the school 15 years ago. The concept of the two-year course and training is based on three pillars: understanding of technology, design/product, and human needs. Accordingly, the content is also divided into areas such as coding, digital design or management, which is why we are particularly pleased that NIT supports and wonderfully complements us in the areas of design thinking and data science/modeling, as well as machine learning".

NIT and Miami Ad School Europe will also benefit from each other in the area of continuing education by offering events together. They will cooperate and strengthen their potential, particularly in the areas of design thinking and data science/modeling, as well as machine learning and innovation challenges.


Joint Appearances at Anniversary Events

On April 12, the Miami Ad School Europe celebrated its 15th anniversary; the NIT celebrates its 20th birthday on June 29. On April 12, the Miami Ad School Europe invited to an interactive vernissage in the field of Creative Technology. In the room created for this purpose by the NIT, the guests were able to try out the "Design Thinking" innovation method. This so-called Design Thinking Space is to be integrated and used in everyday school life from now on. On June 29, the anniversary celebration of the NIT, the NIT partners, among others, will present their products and services.


NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management

Knowing technology trends, entrepreneurial thinking, mastering digitization: At the NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management, talents from all over the world learn to take on management tasks responsibly. Together with the Technical University of Hamburg, the private, non-profit institute offers a double Master's program in English: Engineering (MSc) and Technology Management (MBA). In addition, the NIT develops tailor-made further training courses for industrial companies. With the Digital Think Tank, founded in 2016, NIT bundles its expertise in the areas of digitization and new leadership and provides relevant impulses for public debates. In workshops and lectures, entrepreneurs, managers, and teams learn new methods such as design thinking, what makes software developers tick and which digital trends are really important.


Miami Ad School Europe

The Miami Ad School (Headquarter) was founded in 1993 in Miami and has been based in Hamburg for 15 years now and in Berlin for 9 years. Miami Ad School Europe is known for its integrated academic path Creative Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Creative Master of Science (MA) and is one of the best and most successful, creative and innovative schools worldwide. With its two-year portfolio programs "Art Direction/Digital Design", "Copywriting" or "Creative Technology", the Miami Ad School Europe unites many different schools in one. Their graduates work for the best creative agencies, innovation companies, and tech brands worldwide. The Bachelor (BA) and Master (MA) programs take place in cooperation with the Steinbeis University for Management and Innovation. Miami Ad School Europe also offers a 3-month Account Planning Bootcamp or two-day seminars for creative industry professionals in agencies and companies - to improve their skills and expand their competence.

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